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Pelican Gumbo Weather

Gumbo Weather
Adaleigh, a young Cajun girl, has the envie for her grandmother's chicken and sausage gumbo. But there is a problem. It's summer, and Mamere does not cook her gumbo until the weather has just the right chill in the air.


Pelican Alycat and the Sleepover Saturday

Alycat and the Sleepover Saturday
Alycat is planning a sleepover with her friends when Luna calls. Alycat has trouble hearing her friend over the crackling phone line, but it sounds as though she can't come to the sleepover


Pelican Ten Gators In The Bed

Ten Gators In the Bed
True to her Louisiana culture, Johnette brings readers deep into the swamp where 10 gators pile into bed in their Acadian home...


Pelican Grandma's Gumbo

Grandma's Gumbo
Bell peppers, shrimp, oysters, onions, and okra--Grandma stirs up these and other traditional fresh ingredients to create this special Southern dish. Add generous portions of rice and hot sauce with a handful of filé seasoning,..


Pelican It's Raining In Louisiana

It's Raining In Louisiana
It's raining in Louisiana. There's thunder all around, and we have to park on the neutral ground! The Mississippi River is high, but now we don't have to water the plants. Young children in the Bayou State...


Pelican Alycat and the Tournament Tuesday

Can Alycat's brother, Bugsy, win his golf tournament without his lucky ball? Find out how Alycat's mistake turns into a valuable lesson for all.
8.25 x 0.5 x 10 inches


Pelican Cajun Night After Christmas

The Boudreau children give Pierre their full attention, much to Pierre's dismay, but in the end, it's a very happy Cajun night after Christmas all through the year! 8.5 x 0.31 x 11 inches


Pelican Cajun Night Before Christmas {50th Edition}

Cajun Night Before Christmas {50th Edition}
“Forget Dancer, Prancer, Comet, and Vixen. . . . Good Clement, wherever he is, will not be gnashing his teeth.” —New York Times Book Review Take the classic story of jolly old St. Nicholas,..


Pelican 12 Days of Mardi Gras

12 Days Of Mardi Gras
Repetition, alliteration, and visual humor abound in this Mardi Gras themed riff on the iconic holiday song, perfect for emerging readers and early counters. As each day of the Mardi Gras season passes, a gift is given...


Pelican The Little Float That Could

The Little Float That Could
If only you believe in yourself, you can do anything! That’s the lesson this little float learns in the New Orleans based adaptation of Watty Piper’s classic tale, The Little Engine That Could...


Pelican Thibodeaux Turtle and Boudreaux Bunny: The Tortoise and the Hare with a Louisiana Twist

Thibodeaux Turtle and Boudreaux Bunny by Todd-Michael St. Pierre
Once upon a Louisiana time, there was a turtle and a bunny. The turtle was polite, quiet, and careful; the bunny was rather rude, loud, and impatient. The turtle finally agrees to a big r


Pelican The Tempestuous Trial of Maybelline Meriweather

The Tempestuous Trial of Maybelline Meriweather
Maybelline Meriweather has been put on trial for the most heinous of crimes—stealing an egg from another bird’s nest.

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