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Pelican Louisiana Animals ABC

Louisiana Animals ABC
Artful images grace the pages of this alphabet book; a visual feast of Louisiana’s wildlife accompanied by informative facts and lyrical descriptions. Author and bard Rickey E. Pittman takes us on an adventure...


Pelican The Cajun Nutcracker

The Cajun Nutcracker
As Merrae dances with her friends and family to the sound of washboards and banjos, her excitement only grows when she receives a Nutcracker from Perrain for Christmas. But later that night,...


Pelican Randolph Saves Christmas

Randolph Saves Christmas
Owww-ooo, something is waking up every critter in the Louisiana swamp. It’s Randolph, the loud-mouthed coon dog! Who knew that a pup so small could howl so big? He is so loud he might even scare Santa away!...


Pelican Cajun Night Before Christmas {50th Edition}

Cajun Night Before Christmas {50th Edition}
“Forget Dancer, Prancer, Comet, and Vixen. . . . Good Clement, wherever he is, will not be gnashing his teeth.” —New York Times Book Review Take the classic story of jolly old St. Nicholas,..


Pelican Louisiana Night Before Christmas

Louisiana Night Before Christmas
Down in the swamps of Louisiana, Papa Noël has a big problem. He’s hit his head and forgotten who he is. How will the good boys and girls of Louisiana get any presents this year?


Pelican The New Orleans 12 Days of Christmas

The New Orleans 12 Days of Christmas
Christmas in the Crescent City is unique. Welcome to the land of secondliners, oyster po’ boys, shotgun houses, and king cakes. This holiday picture book celebrates the special quirkiness of New Orleans.


Pelican Bonfires on the Levee A Louisiana Christmas Tradition

Bonfires on the Levee
Louisiana author/illustrator Johnette Downing captures charming holiday traditions in this counting book for emerging readers. From one to ten the images of holiday bonfires and Christmas practices along the levees fill the pages.


Pelican It's Great To Be A Baton Rouge Kid {an A-Z Coloring Book}

Its Great To Be A Baton Rouge Kid
Baton Rouge kids learn firsthand about Louisiana history and our unique culture. They ride by the capitol building, cheer for our team on Saturday nights, and take field trips to the zoo.


Pelican Zoo Krewe

Zoo Krewe
Take a magical journey through the New Orleans Mardi Gras as the littlest fans learn their ABCs with the help of some animal friends!..


Pelican Randolph Solves the Mardi Gras Mystery

Randolph Solves the Mardi Gras Mystery
Randolph is back, and this time it’s to save Mardi Gras! It’s Randolph’s first time at a Mardi Gras parade, and the little coonhound and his best friend, Olivia, are having the time of their lives. Until, Oh no!


Pelican 12 Days of Mardi Gras

12 Days Of Mardi Gras
Repetition, alliteration, and visual humor abound in this Mardi Gras themed riff on the iconic holiday song, perfect for emerging readers and early counters. As each day of the Mardi Gras season passes, a gift is given...


Pelican The Little Bead Tree

The Little Bead Tree
In New Orleans, a little oak tree asks Grand Oak why it is so small in comparison. The Grand Oak replies that the young one is special and will one day everyone will see...

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