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Pelican Why the Crawfish Lives in the Mud

A long time ago, when Crab and Crawfish were still best friends, Crawfish was feeling particularly lazy--and particularly hungry-as he loafed around the muggy bayou. When Crab arrived with a fish, Crawfish took one listen to his empty belly and decided...


Pelican Rainbow Rodney

Way down at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, a very special flamingo stood out among his krewe. For he was not just pink but red, yellow, purple, green, and even orange. Could it be from all the delicious foods that New Orleans has to offer? Young...


Pelican Three Little Shrimp

Three Little Shrimp
Three little shrimp eye the wonders around them and set out to explore their underwater world. There is only one problem: unseen dangers lurk in the water. What will they do?...


Pelican King Cake ABCs

Mixing king cake and ABCs is a recipe for every youngster's enjoyment. From "Ash Wednesday" to "baby" to "colors" to "zesty," each page of this alphabet book highlights a different letter with colors that pop, rhymes that explain, and king cake history...


Pelican King of the Shoebox Parade

Mitchell the house mouse is cozy in his shoebox home in Grammy's closet. What will he do when her granddaughter snatches the box away to make a miniature float for a Carnival contest? Maybe he will pitch in and even get to ride! Young Readers will...


Pelican Petit Pierre and the Floating Marsh

Johnette Downing stays true to her Louisiana roots in her newest book, featuring a young pelican searching for his proper home. As Petit Pierre journeys across the wetlands, he asks each creature where he should live. He accumulates gifts from them...


Pelican Les Trois Cochons

Piglet brothers 'Ti Joe, 'Ti Claude, and 'Ti Fr're have reached the age when Mam're Cochon must send them out into the world to seek their fortunes. As they venture out on their own, they must each find, or build, their own homes. At the same time, they..


Pelican "Run Boudin, Run"

"Run Boudin, Run"
In charming colloquial language, author and illustrator Ariane O’Pry Trammell presents a story of a very fast boy out to save his catfish from an even faster ‘gator! As the denizens of the bayou--...


Pelican Cajun ABC

Cajun ABC
Pass a good time in Acadiana on this alphabetical tour of Cajun country and culture. The sights, sounds, and smells of all things Cajun two-step off the page as readers are introduced to the customs of the Cajun people...