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Pelican Alycat and the Tournament Tuesday

Can Alycat's brother, Bugsy, win his golf tournament without his lucky ball? Find out how Alycat's mistake turns into a valuable lesson for all.
8.25 x 0.5 x 10 inches


Pelican Alycat and the Friendship Friday

Alycat's teacher has something special planned for Friday: a field trip! But when a new student joins the class, someone feels left out. Can Alycat use her creativity and imagination to help everyone feel included?
8.31 x 0.39 x 10.12 inches


Pelican Alycat and the Monday Blues

Alycat wakes up on Monday with the dreaded Monday Blues, certain that nothing will go right. But when a mishap sends her astray, she discovers helping a friend will lead her to discover her own hidden talent curing her Monday Blues!
8 x 0.31 x 10 in


Pelican Alycat and the Thursday Desert Day

When Alycat's daydreaming causes her to miss out on Dessert Day at school, she will need to rely on her imagination to satisfy her sweet tooth! Ahe discovers that trying new things can lead to fun adventures and tasty inventions.
8 x 0.31 x 10 inche


Pelican Alycat and the Cattywamous Wednesday

Alycat wakes up to seafood gumbo for breakfast, and even though her house is the first stop for the school bus, the bus is already full when she boards. Alycat's whole day is turning topsy-turvy. What is happening?
8 x 0.31 x 10 inches