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Pelican The Oak Tree

Life is good for an old Southern oak tree and the family who lives next to it. The tree enjoys watching the children play around it. The family enjoys the shade it provides. Everything seems so perfect.


Pelican Alycat and the Friendship Friday

Alycat's teacher has something special planned for Friday: a field trip! But when a new student joins the class, someone feels left out. Can Alycat use her creativity and imagination to help everyone feel included?
8.31 x 0.39 x 10.12 inches


Pelican Cajun Night After Christmas

The Boudreau children give Pierre their full attention, much to Pierre's dismay, but in the end, it's a very happy Cajun night after Christmas all through the year! 8.5 x 0.31 x 11 inches


Pelican The Cajun Nutcracker

The Cajun Nutcracker
As Merrae dances with her friends and family to the sound of washboards and banjos, her excitement only grows when she receives a Nutcracker from Perrain for Christmas. But later that night,...


Noodle & Boo We are having a baby! by Christine Burger

We are having a baby!
A positive and loving approach to telling a child a sibling is on its way. Discussion – Becoming a big kid and little helper. Involvement – By preparing for Baby together the unknown becomes familiar and exciting.


Pelican The Hungry Little Gator

The Hungry Little Gator by Allison Dugas Behan
A Louisiana ’gator chomps his way through gumbo, po’ boys, beignets, sno-balls, and more in this culinary counting tour of Bayou flavors. As his appetite grows, so do his counting skills in this adventurou


Pelican Beau's Bayou Treasure

Beau's Bayou Treasure by Rosalind Bunn
Following his Papoo’s old map, young Beau sets out in his canoe eager to find the treasure that awaits him. As he follows the map, he comes face-to-face with a giant snapping turtle, a spider, a catfish, and many


Pelican Thibodeaux Turtle and Boudreaux Bunny: The Tortoise and the Hare with a Louisiana Twist

Thibodeaux Turtle and Boudreaux Bunny by Todd-Michael St. Pierre
Once upon a Louisiana time, there was a turtle and a bunny. The turtle was polite, quiet, and careful; the bunny was rather rude, loud, and impatient. The turtle finally agrees to a big r


Pelican Three Little Crawfish

Three Little Crawfish by Debbi Kern
Down in a southern swamp, a family of crawfish face a big problem. Their three sons have grown too large and their nice, cozy den is now uncomfortably crowded. Poppa and Mama decide it’s time for their sons to leave


Pelican Ten Gators In The Bed

Ten Gators In the Bed
True to her Louisiana culture, Johnette brings readers deep into the swamp where 10 gators pile into bed in their Acadian home...


Pelican Bugs On The Rug

Bugs on the Rug
Based on a song from Johnette Downing’s Boogie Woogie Bugs album, Bugs on the Rug—with its singsong rhyming text—introduces youngsters to the wonderful world of bugs.


Pelican Three Little Shrimp

Three Little Shrimp
Three little shrimp eye the wonders around them and set out to explore their underwater world. There is only one problem: unseen dangers lurk in the water. What will they do?...

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